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Family Cult Prevails Again in Pakistan Elections


Despite applying article 61.62 and 63 of constitution of Pakistan the winning horses in election 2013 so far surfced on political scene belong to same family. It has remained political tradition of both India and Pakistan that the family rules once rules for ever. If in India the families that are elected to parliament always [...]

Bitcoin Mining Bad for the Environment; Gridcoins are Better.


Bitcoins are the latest “virtual currency” to hit the market. Although, around since 2009, Bitcoins are still in the process of gaining mainstream foothold in the currency market. This peer to peer digital currency system is known for its decentralized system and focus on mining through brute force algorithms which require a considerable amount of [...]

Pakistan’s Remittances Inflows and its Impacts


Pakistan is one of the ten leading countries witnessing high inflows of remittances sent by its overseas workers from different countries, which is the strong support to ailing economy of the country at times when all its earning resources are drying up. The contribution of overseas Pakistan is commendable and caused a major role in [...]

Pakistan Labor Force Participation Lowest in the Region


Pakistan’s labour force participation in economy is estimated to have reached at the lowest in the region on the subsequent closure of industries, slow down in business growth and limited employment opportunities in the market. The country’s labor force is estimated to amount to 58 million in 2011 and its participation was stood at 33 [...]

Pakistan Fast Growth 100 Break Entrepreneurial Records


AllWorld Network listed the Pakistan Fast Growth 100 (Pakistan100), a ranking of the fastest growing non-listed companies in Pakistan. The Pakistan100 is a program of AllWorld Network in partnership with Harvard Business School Professor Michael Porter and presented by Cyan Limited. Growing at 55% a year and collectively employing 41,000, the Pakistan100 were announced worldwide [...]

Pakistanis Spend Rs 22.5 Billion on SMSes


Pakistan’s mobile phone users have been severely affected with SMS addiction as they spent Rs 22.5 billion for generating 175.6 billion text messages in 2010. The texting fever caused by the bundles offers and lowering charges of cellular operators on their networks that showed of 15.66 percent or 23.75 billion in 2010 compared with 2009 [...]

Pakistans Seafood and Meat Exports on the Rise


Pakistan’s traditional sectors are working in a highly challenging scenario with multiple crises like energy and high cost of production whereas the non-traditional sectors are performing well silently with their increasing share in the country’s economy. The livestock and fishery are two emerging potential sectors which are not only contributing handsomely to the GDP but [...]

Pakistan’s Chief Justice Receives PETA Award for Banning Manja


The chief justice of Pakistan, Iftikhar Muhammed Chaudhry is being sent an award by People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) India for banning cruel manja kite string in the Punjab province of Pakistan. PETA India has been working towards banning the use of metal and glass-coated manja across India. Now, PETA India is [...]

Pakistans Branchless Banking Becomes Model for the World


Pakistan is becoming one of the countries with tremendous growth in the development of branchless and mobile banking is witnessed despite of the fact it is still on the way of its maturity stage. The branchless and mobile-banking are penetrating at accelerated pace throughout the country with number of players in the banking and cellular [...]

Broadband Internet: The Next Big Thing in Pakistan


The internet technology is considered as the next big thing in Pakistan with its rapid expansion in the country which has been creating its demand itself in the changing and advanced lifestyle of the people. The internet users and services providers have been on the rise in the capital cities in particular and in different [...]

United Colors of Bennetton: The Message of Love


When a clothing company struggling for survival, campaigns for world peace, people are bound to suspect the campaign and look at it as a desperate attempt to seek attention, But the Italian clothing company is holding its own and insists that the controversial ads of world leaders kissing on the lips are about tolerance and [...]

The Global Warming: Causes, Remedies and Risks

solar_energy (1)

A new model to solve the problematic of the Global Warming is proposed and described. Differently from the traditional approach that seems hardly to take into consideration the spectroscopic adsorption of infrared radiation of the carbon dioxide from the solar light, both incident and reflected, here many other factors will be introduced and described, to eventually develop an organic and coherent treatment. The interaction of the solar light is considered as a whole of different frequency regions, as it actually really consists, that should represent the only valid light source for the various experiments, and not just relying on the very specific wavelength range of the infrared light. So, starting from the radio-waves, through the microwaves, the infrared radiation, the visible light, the UV radiation, the X-Rays and the gamma rays, all in order of increasing frequency and energy content, must be considered.
The problematic is solved by considering three different contexts of the planet earth, that can actively contribute to the Global Warming: the seas/ oceans, the atmosphere and the earth soil surface.
The detergents can let dissolve many kind of chemicals and products into the marine water. The real plenty of materials that can enter in this way into the marine water “solution” or as suspended particles of the seas/oceans is enormous, from fuels to solvents, from synthetic chemicals to biologically active ones, from anti-freezing to petrol- contaminated waters, or even up to inorganic complexes can also dissolve because of the presence of ligands (like for instance the EDTA) in huge amounts. One would sensibly observe that in any case their concentration would remain too low to cause drawbacks. This is a real mistake. Indeed by far the first factor that should count is the actual overall amount of these chemicals that meanwhile have been wasted into the seas/oceans, because, until the very last drop or milligram of pollutant, this last one will have anyway a negative effect. The salinity, the oceanic currents, the gas transfer capabilities of the seas/oceans and the extent as well as the vitality of the marine biosphere, in turn indirectly its atmospheric gas consumption, represent all very sensitive variables. The same light adsorption through the waters of the seas/oceans can become strongly affected, as well as the corresponding light penetration and diffusion to higher depths. The oxygenation and the gas transfer capabilities of the seas/oceans would become terribly reduced. The biochemical extent and function of the marine biosphere too. Also the oceanic currents could vary. The evaporation of the marine water would become seriously reduced or altered. The canalisation works can indirectly affect dramatically the salinity composition of the pH of the seas/oceans, because of the drastic reduction of the rivers flows.
As well as in the atmosphere, again, the chemicals, in form of volatile vapours of solvents, volatile synthetic chemicals, additional inorganic volatile compounds would also exert an important negative role. The atmospheric gases are classified in a completely revolutionary ways, according to the rate they can be transformed or fixed on the earth surface. Particularly the nitrogen, with its IR and UV active nitrogen oxides and the heavier noble represent important Greenhouse Effect or Global Warming causing atmospheric gases. The physician vision of the gases is also used, according to which the temperature is a function of the number and on the average translational speed of the gas particles.
The earth surface, due to the deforestation, to the presence of the farm land for the agriculture and to the cemented urban areas heat up on the whole much more than the areas occupied from green vegetation during the daily time, in which instead the gas consuming photosynthesis occurs effectively and so also the transformation of the atmospheric gases, and therefore implicitly the green areas do not heat up in presence of solar radiation, as they transform the solar light in biochemical vital functions and processes. Also the green energy can be partly negative for the Global Warming, as its generates energy and heat at the earth surface.
The humidity factor of the atmosphere is crucial: such highly innovative model drives the system earth towards a incremented evaporation, because mainly as a tendency a less gas containing atmosphere would arise, as a result of e more gas demanding and consuming earth surface, so with more effective interaction of the solar radiation on the earth surface, particularly on the marine one. And with likely more effective trade winds, due to as a tendency less diffused atmosphere, that would particularly magnify the atmospheric “friction” of the same trade winds on the marine surface. More evaporation means more clouds, that would exert a hindering action towards the solar radiation, so that they can prevent a considerable part of the same solar light to reach the earth surface in their presence. So a lower average temperature would be observed too. The incremented water vapour would compensate the tendency of a less gas containing atmosphere and its as a tendency arising under-pressure, and represent the real cooling system of the planet. A more humid and cool earth, with more clouds, is the one with less Global Warming.
The preservation of the nutrients and the importance of the chemical matter of all the “strictly-biological” sewer-sludge, the cemeteries and the biologic deposits represent, together with the wise redistribution of the nutrients in the environment another crucial aspect.
Interesting implications of the gas methane are introduced.

Pakistan’s USF Ranked Top in the Region


Pakistan has unmatched talent and intelligent minds and diligent workforce despite of the fact it has limited resources, countless barriers and widespread corruption. The people of are committed to make a difference in their respective field to bring the name of the country in the list of exceptions. Universal Service Funds (USF) is one of [...]

P@SHA launches social innovative fund


Pakistan Software Houses Association (P@SHA) in collaboration with Google on Thursday launched a $ 250,000 worth Social Innovative Fund to finance innovate and constructive ideas of young entrepreneurs and students of Pakistan. Google Inc. has granted an amount to IT entrepreneurs’ body to launch P@SHA innovative fund for sponsor different IT and technology projects to [...]

Pakistan Manpower Export to Saudi Arabia Inviting Huge Remittances


Pakistan’s manpower is not educated, skilled based and talented but its export is one of the vibrant factors for our economy to attract huge foreign exchange in the country with continuous and tremendous growth of international remittances sent by them. Saudi Arabia being a Muslim state is attractive for millions of Pakistani workers who seek [...]

Economics 101 and 501: The Quest for Happiness


Economics is the science that deals with the production, consumption and distribution of goods and services. The concepts of supply and demand are at the very core of economics and the word is derived from a Greek word Oikonomia, meaning “managing a household”. A good economy is one of the fundamental indicators of a well [...]

Pakistan’s Fashion Industry Booming With Lawn Season


The spring season came with scorching heat and rising mercury but this weather has heated up lawn fashion in the city, depicting eye-catching billboards of the models and actresses on the roadsides. The fashion industry witnessed a significant progress in last decades however the peak display of its potential and talent by its movers and [...]

Pakistan Losing it’s Potential to Attract Foreign Direct Investment


Pakistan has been spot as one of the potential markets for foreign investors who are shifting their business to Asian and African countries in a bid to capture unexplored regions with their technology, capital and money. The developed economies are recovering with very slow pace therefore its signs will also reflect in developing economies of [...]

The Qadri Affect


It was the 4th of January when Malik Mumtaz Qadri opened fire and killed a powerful governor Salman Taseer of the most populous province of Pakistan. He killed him to protest against the controversial blasphemy laws of which the late governor was very vocal in publicly condemning. The reaction to the murder amongst the masses [...]

Security Sector Reforms in South Asia


State Security Reform (SSR) is a concept that is currently used in state transformation in normal times, post-conflict and peace-building situations in transitional societies. As a relatively new term, Security Sector Reform (SSR) was coined by Clare Short, then minister for International Development of U.K in a large public speech in London in 1998. The [...]

Pistachio, Almond and Raisins and Their Importance


Tahira Abbas, Dr. M. A. Pervez, M. Adnan Shahid, Dr. Rashad M. Balal, Dr. C. M. Ayyub Dry fruits are rich source of energy and nutrition and are utilized in every part of the world with equal liking. Their demand is increasing day by day due to their various health giving aspects. These fruits are [...]

Encounter of a Dummy with Finance


Higher the risk, higher will be the return echoes in the ears of yours when you start undertaking the introductory courses related to conventional finance. Then these talks take you to the introduction of a numerous types of risks, which a lay man never have heard of or concerned to in his whole simple life. [...]

Lal Masjid Tragedy and Aftermath


Lal masjid is a mosque located in sector G of Islamabad, the capital of Pakistan. A clash took place between radical Islamist living in the mosque and the Pakistan armed forces in July 2007. ASSESMENT OF THE ENTIRE EVENT Religion is the sensitive spot in our people when you play with that you are putting [...]

Economic Potential of IPI Gas Pipeline


Iran-Pakistan-India (IPI) Gas Pipeline is envisioned as harbinger of development and prosperity for South Asia. Often it is termed as “Peace Pipeline” as it could fulfill the energy requirements of energy-starved economies of these developing countries. The idea of IPI Gas Pipeline was conceived in 1995 when Iran and Pakistan signed an initial agreement for [...]

Hydroponics:A charismatic approach for getting high crop yield


M. Adnan Shahid, G. Akhtar and Dr. Rashad M. Balal, Dr. M. Afzal, T. Abbas Hydroponics is a technique of growing crops in water instead of soil, containing all required nutrients for better plant growth because physiological requirements of the plants can be met without the use of soil and sunlight. There are two types [...]

Sugar Crises Multiplies the Miseries of People


The artificial sugar crisis created by sugar mafia including sugar mills, hoarders and trade cartels has multiplied miseries of common man in Pakistan as by increasing the prices of commodity from Rs.60-65 to 100-120 within a month has made sugar out of reach of people affected by worst ever floods which had swept away every [...]

A Great Test of Global Solidarity – and the Pakistani Diaspora


The Pakistan floods are a tragedy of biblical proportions which Pakistanis are confronted with at every turn. In this tragedy – unlike the story of Noah – there was no Messiah to warn us and it appears, no Messiah to save us. As Pakistanis we have wailed against our government for its ineffective response and [...]